Does your board evaluate itself?

by Diane Sandifer No Comments October 2, 2012

Serving on a local board of education involves commitment, focus, and accountability. From hiring the superintendent to being advocates for public education to setting policy to being stewards of the budget, local boards have tremendous responsibility. Our stakeholders expect the absolute best for our customers, our children. So, along with these roles and responsibilities of the local board comes an obligation of the board to exercise a best practice of going through a yearly self-evaluation.

Board members need to “take a look in the mirror” to assess their effectiveness in governance.

Every state school board association promotes board self-evaluations, but in reality, only a small number of local boards of education carry out this task. Often, great benefit comes from bringing in an outside facilitator to lead the board through their self-evaluation.

Doing a self-evaluation is a part of the continuous improvement process for any school system.

If a school system is operating from a strategic improvement plan, a look at the plan and its execution can be integrated in the board’s self-evaluation. An examining of the board’s relationship with the community is insightful. In seeing where progress has been made towards the district’s goals, goals for the next year can be determined.

Collaborating happens in board self-evaluations. Teamwork occurs. Respect for others’ ideas and feedback happens. Taking pause to examine oneself is invaluable. For a board of education to go through a board self-evaluation is truly an act to be applauded.

Several state school board associations offer tools and services to support school board self-assessment.  Does your board self-assess?  Can you share with us your top tips and successes?

GSBA’s School Board U- Board Self-Assessment Course

Washington State School Board Self-Assessment Survey

Michigan Association of School Boards Facilitated Board Self-Evaluation

eBOARD’s Evaluation Module

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