New Choices in Board Member Training

by Diane Sandifer No Comments July 2, 2012

As a former school board member of ten years in Georgia, I was required to complete 12 hours of training during my first year of service and six hours each year thereafter. The training requirements have now changed; however, school board members must still complete training courses so that they are in compliance with this requirement.

During my tenure on my local board, we board members attended training sessions offered at Georgia School Boards Association events and additionally participated in whole board training through retreats twice a year. With the implementation of technology in public education, there is now a much easier way for board members to take some of those required training courses! GSBA’s School Board U provides an online portal for board development and training courses. If an individual wishes to take a two-hour course on ethics, no problem! He or she registers through School Board U and then can take the course anywhere and at any time! There is an assessment/check so that the individual is assured that he or she grasped the content of the course.

Learning made EASY! And, convenient!

Further, if a school board member attends a GSBA-sponsored workshop or event for training, he or she will also see School Board U utilized as the structure for teaching the face-to-face course! In answering the needs of school board members in providing both board professional development, continuing education, and training in an efficient and effective way, Georgia School Boards Association yet again incorporates technology as the solution. From the association to the board room to the school level and classroom, we should model and expect 21st century governance.

School Board U paves the way!

Here are some resources for you to look at if you are deciding what type of course is for you!  Online, face to face or hybrid!

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If you are a school board member and have taken a School Board U course, please share your experience here.

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