Stakeholder Engagement: Involving SEASONED Citizens in Schools

by Diane Sandifer No Comments August 2, 2012

One of a school system’s goals is often related to stakeholder engagement. How the community feels about their school(s) is critical to the district’s success. Systems rely on partners in education. Volunteering parents and friends are treasured. One often overlooked resource is our older population—our retired citizens. If we actively recruit these stakeholders, they can fill many roles within our schools. They are great readers. They can be paired with an adolescent as the child’s mentor and follow that student through graduation, often becoming like an additional grandparent to that young person. They can participate in career day, sharing their decades of wisdom and experience with their audiences.

Through being involved, our “seasoned” citizens then give tremendous support to their school system and become ambassadors in the public relations arena in sharing stories of success that they have seen or heard. The added benefit, too, is that although these senior citizens no longer have children of their own in school, they feel more encouraged to support their schools through their property taxes…just like someone else so generously did for them and their children. And, who benefits? The children, especially from the forged relationships that end up lasting a lifetime.

Here are some interesting resources for you to use if you are interested in exploring how to involve our senior citizens in our schools:

Please share your own ideas and successes!

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